With humble beginnings as The Philosophy Society, uniVibes grew into ANU’s prolific art, events and party society. At the start, David Caffery and friend Max Ginpil hosted philosophy talks, but after a year decided to practice philosophy rather than talk about it. Dave built a community and systematised running three events every week whilst at university, professionalising his practice along with a generation of DJs, musicians and technicians.

It was around this time that uniVibes defined the ‘house festival’: a house party with a minimum of three stages and at least 400 people. These professionally run events stood in the face of a city that still does not have adequate music and event venues. One of the more famous events was the ‘Suburban Music Festival’, where over 1000 people safely partied and enjoyed a diverse range of quality music, all carefully presented in an inner North Canberra sharehouse.

uniVibes remains a volunteer-run, grassroots society presenting music on campus and throwing parties in the city and new locations. Many of its previous directors have gone on to become arts and events managers.


A music, party and philosophy society at Australian National University.




2007 - ongoing


Commenced Thursday ANU Bar sessions and ran until the bar was demolished a decade later, tonnes of club and bar takeovers, uniJam was a band made of electronic artists jamming with school of jazz musos (they played all over campus and the city), house parties and house festivals, professional development of lots of events managers, DJs and producers, and more.