Rocco's Coffee Table

Dave curates the reading pile on the coffee table of the incomparable Bar Rochford. A small pleasure, and a bite-sized window into the philosophy and art guiding Dionysus.

Since July 2019, the pile has comprised:

  1. What is Culture For? by The School of Life
  2. BMA Magazine #507: SAFIA Story
  3. NewPhilosopher #25: Death
  4. Surface Phenomena by Bartolomeo Celestino
  5. Phone Detox by The School of Life
  6. The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Zeus
  7. The Poster Art of Australian Popular Music by Murray Walding and Nick Vukovic
  8. The Elvis Story: A Musical Pop-Up Book by Rockups
  9. Where's Bowie? By Kev Gahan and Illustrated by Rob Cowan