Martin Ollman

Partner: MusicACT

MusicACT is a not-for-profit association supporting the Territory’s music industry with representation, policy development, and lots of professional development workshops. David Caffery is volunteer President of MusicACT, after managing their launch and two ACT Music Awards and co-writing the Cool Little Capital report on the regulatory impediments to cultural vibrancy in the ACT.

David is leading a campaign to ignite the night-time economy. COVID-19 should be the turning point for Canberra's nightlife, to mature into a diverse, safe and vibrant ecosystem after dark. We cannot stuff more people into the city during a pandemic but we can extend the time the city is open, from about 12 to 18 hours per day. Currently 13% of ACT's GDP is generated at night. Proposed Entertainment Areas have the potential to employ thousands more people, ignite significant investment in new venues to present more musicians, and attract a wider range of audiences. Restaurants, retailers, cultural institutions, public realm event managers and the tourism sector are now talking about how to open later, for the economic and cultural development of our city.


Canberra’s peak music industry body provides professional development for musicians and advocacy for a healthier industry.


David is the volunteer president


MusicACT launched in 2011, the ACT Music Awards (run by David) happened in 2012 and 2013, and staff were first employed in 2018


Free professional development program, Cool Little Capital Report, Let Music Live policy campaign, Make Music Day, Ignite the Night-Time Economy