Gupi de Zavalia

Lunar New Year

As part of the Lunar New Year festival and to celebrate the Year of the Tiger, Dickson was transformed by an outdoor series of activities featuring performances, food, music and workshops. This multicultural celebration Took place from 27th January to 12th February and included entertainment for the whole family, along with workshops on Saturday mornings.

Traditional lion dancers, Peking Opera and K-Pop dancers entertained people of all ages, and a live event component sponsored by SBS was be held in Woolley St to great success. Highlights of this diverse program included musical performances by the ANU Chinese Classical Music Ensemble, Kim Yang, Ding Guili and Lucy Sugerman; dance demonstrations and workshops by Project Beats and Red Cedar Traditional Chinese Dance as well as the Canberra Dragon Dancers, Fire Dragon Australia and Subsdance presenting the Zodiac Story of the water tiger.


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Lunar New Year is one of the most celebrated annual events in the world. The diverse communities that are an integral part of Canberra’s cultural landscape will showcase the different ways they celebrate


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Dickson, Canberra