Grants In The City

Grants In The City was a funding initiative to activate Canberra city centre through a multi-tier grants program which supported vibrant and diverse ideas for our city centre. In 2016 Dionysus was approached by In The City Canberra (now City Renewal Authority) to redevelop its grants program with a vision of creating a more dynamic, accessible and transparent funding system.

The grants program drew from a decade of contemporary research into the values of cultural projects. This world-leading analysis by the Cultural Development Network clearly outlines what does and does not enrich a city. This research was reflected throughout Grants In the City and most strongly in its judging criteria. $340,000 was made available through the program in the 2016-2017 period.


City Renewal Authority (previously Canberra CBD Ltd)


A multi-tier grants program to support vibrant and diverse ideas for the Canberra CBD.


Research, design and provide communications support for Grants in The City.