Martin Ollman

Capital Collab (Wellington-Canberra Celebration)

Dionysus was approached to design and deliver a joint city activation between sister cities, Canberra and Wellington. Working with local advertising agency Coordinate and WREDA, Dionysus presented Capital Collab in NewActon on 7 October 2017.

Focussing not only on each city’s strengths and achievements, the event brought leading artists and operators together to collaborate. Leading winemakers joined forces to present a wine tasting of Canberra and Wellington regions. Craft brewers set up side-to-side whilst chefs from Canberra’s Monster kitchen and bar and Wellington’s Egmont St Bakery collaborated on an exclusive menu of delicious street food. To top it all off, the event also featured wonderful musicians and artists from both sides of The Ditch.


Wellington Regional and Economic Development Agency (WREDA)


A joint activation between sister cities Wellington and Canberra showcasing collaborating artists and artisans held in NewActon.


Design, deliver and communicate Capital Collab.


October 2017