Canberra Tree Week

This event celebrated trees by weaving amongst them, learning about them and creating with them.

Balance was tested with slacklining between the park’s towering trunks. Charcoal tree art was created with Naomi Zouwer. Tips on tree planting and free tree giveaways came from the Canberra Environment Centre. Brains and bodies were put to the test with the help of Australia’s #1 tree climber Maja Blasch. Letters were written to the trees, and replied to from Constance Spry. Performances from the Monica Moore Trio and Johnny Huckle under the canopy were listened to with wine in hand from the Pop Inn bar.


City Renewal Authority


An opportunity for Canberrans to celebrate the unique trees that surround and fill our wonderful city.


Design, deliver and communicate


~500 attendees


1st - 9th May 2021


Haig park