‘Ngala’ Play Outside Day in Haig Park

Ngala, which is the Ngunnawal word for many trees, was gifted to Haig Park by the United Ngunnawal Elders Council (UNEC). To honour this, a new tree walk called the Ngala Trail will be unveiled under the guidance of Aunty Ros and the UNEC, in partnership with UC, the Multicultural Hub Canberra and nine ACT cultural leaders. All ages are welcome to enjoy a day of free tree activities, workshops, music, entertainment and more. Get a lesson on recycling from giant Bin Chickens, learn how to care for your favourite tree, and most importantly, give your tree a hug!

Organised by City Renewal Authority in UC, Multicultural Hub Canberra and nine ACT


City Renewal Authority


A community fun event to celebrate world tree day


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May 7, 2022